Avfuel: Fueling Connections

 - May 23, 2019 (All day)


Avfuel’s Marci Ammerman, vice president of marketing, shares why in an industry of technological innovation, the human approach will always be the company’s greatest business solution.

Avfuel Corporation has grown from a regional fuel supplier to a global supplier of aviation fuel and services across 45-plus years. But ask anyone in the company and they’ll tell you their business isn’t in selling fuel. It’s about fueling connections.

It’s the mission that runs our company,” said Marci Ammerman, Avfuel’s vice president of marketing. “We’re not in the business of selling fuel; we’re in the business of connecting people, businesses, governments and cultures. Every innovation has been driven by that mission.”

It’s these innovations that make the company an industry leader. Avfuel was the first to offer pilot loyalty rewards, the only company to offer FBO- employee rewards, and the only one to connect branded FBOs with a referral program and discussion board to serve as each other’s greatest resources. This is in addition to a slew of solutions that streamline operations and support business operations: aviation insurance, flight planning, credit, payment processing, contract fuel, marketing and sales support, quality assurance, training, refueling equipment, etc.

Offering such solutions means adapting to new technologies, but technology does not dissipate the need for human connection. “Our collaborative relationships model continues to be our greatest differentiator,” said Ammerman. “Our customers conduct business with Avfuel because of its people. We utilize modern technology to provide efficient solutions, but technology can never replace the value behind 24/7 access to experts who empathize with needs and provide support in a caring, dedicated, passionate way.

It’s the same principle as why aviation remains necessary,” continued Ammerman. “Even with video conferencing, there’s no replacement for face-to-face interactions. That’s the reason for Avfuel’s business. It drives every decision we make, every solution we create and every hire we make. Our mission is to fuel connections—the ability to do so efficiently will always be our greatest business solution.”