Aviation Clean Air: A Clean Cabin Is a Healthy Cabin

 - July 22, 2022 (All day)

Not long ago, cleaning an aircraft’s cabin meant a cursory wipe-down with whatever cleaning agent you had on hand. Not anymore. Today, your passengers want assurance that the aircraft’s cabin is as germ-free as possible. Unfortunately, achieving that condition can be as labor-intensive as it is necessary.

That is, unless your aircraft’s environmental control system (ECS) is equipped with Aviation Clean Air’s patented needlepoint bipolar ionization (NBPI™) technology. It not only eliminates 99.996 percent of harmful viruses and bacteria, but it’s also working whenever the aircraft’s ECS is running. No more scrubbing seats.

Our system produces billions of positive and negative ions that surround and neutralize the pathogens, so they’re no longer a threat,” explains Mallie Seckinger, Managing Partner and cofounder of Aviation Clean Air. “Utilizing the ECS duct system, the ions circulate throughout the cabin and cockpit, cleansing and disinfecting the air and every exposed surface – floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Our process works in areas where UV light and chemical disinfectants traditionally can’t reach,” he continues. “It’s proven effective even into the tiniest cracks in leather and other soft surfaces.”

Achieving 99.996 percent decontamination is just the beginning.

Seckinger says that ACA’s NBPI™ technology also sterilizes mold spores, neutralizes most common volatile organic compounds, and reduces static electricity, dust, and pollens.

It also eliminates fuel, exhaust, and other unpleasant odors that always seem to get in the cabin,” he continues. “It takes about a minute and a half to effectively ‘clean’ the air in a Gulfstream’s cabin, so any odors don’t linger.

Providing your passengers with a really clean cabin is not just a luxury today, it’s essential,” Seckinger says. “ACA is not only the simplest solution; it’s also the only one that’s proven to be effective against over 99 percent of the pathogens we can test it against. We’re very proud of that.”