Aviation Clean Air: Creating the cleanest possible cabin environment

 - August 30, 2020 (All day)

Remember when keeping business aircraft passengers “safe” meant protecting them from terrorists, dangerous weather, and cyber hackers? Today, to be “safe,” you also have to protect them from germs and viruses.

Of course, the smaller the foe, the bigger the challenge. Sure, you can spray or wipe every surface in the aircraft down with disinfectants. And that works – as long as no one goes in the aircraft. The first unsterilized passenger will also bring aboard countless pathogens.

Aviation Clean Air’s patented NPBI™ technology is proven to neutralize COVID-19, as well as many other common pathogens,” stated Aviation Clean Air Member Tom Davis. “It is the only system of its kind that uses ionization to clean and decontaminate air and surfaces but does not produce any harmful ozone.

The real key to our system is it purifies not only all the air that comes through the environmental control system, but also every crack, crevice, and surface (both hard and soft) that the air touches,” he said. “Our system puts over 20,000 ions per cubic centimeter in the cabin. Those ions neutralize viruses, bacteria, VOCs and odors as well as remove allergens [particles] from the air.”

Davis said that the Aviation Clean Air system is not a filter, but an active part of the aircraft’s environmental control system (ECS). Whenever the system is operating, so is ACA’s ionization production system. When the aircraft is on the ground with no conditioned air coming through the ECS, Aviation Clean Air also offers a portable unit that can be used to keep the cabin “clean” during layovers and when undergoing maintenance.

While the Aviation Clean Air system is often thought of as a solution for larger-cabin aircraft, Davis stated that because of its small size and solid-state design, the system could be installed on most cabin-class business aircraft.

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, passengers will want to know that the aircraft they are traveling in is as clean and germ-free as possible. Our system will give operators and passengers alike the peace of mind in knowing that they are traveling in the cleanest and safest cabin environment they can possibly find,” Davis concluded.