Avidyne IFDs: Low cost, high-capability FMS plus ADS-B Out upgrade for legacy Citations and CitationJets.

 - May 27, 2019 (All day)


New Avidyne IFD FMS solution features innovative GPS Legacy Aviation System (GLAS™), which brings a wide array of performance and safety advantages to legacy Citations at a fraction of the cost and downtime required by full-panel upgrades.

From its introduction, the Cessna Citation line has been the most popular business jet in the world. And for good reasons: they’re easy to fly, extremely reliable, and offer very affordable operating costs.

But the cost of meeting the ADS-B Out mandate is posing a dilemma for many Citation and CitationJet series owner-pilots.

As Avidyne CEO Dan Schwinn explained, the upgrade path for the legacy Honeywell or Rockwell Collins EFIS and autopilot systems has been either prohibitively expensive or nonexistent. Until now.

Using our proven, IFD545/550 FMS navigators, we can offer multiple ADS-B/FMS upgrade paths for these Citations,” he said. “And, because our systems integrate with their EFIS and autopilot, we can accomplish the upgrade for a fraction of the acquisition and installation costs of other systems.

At the center of this capability is our innovative new GPS LegacyAviation System (GLAS) protocol, which provides direct interface to the legacy avionics,” Schwinn said. “There is no need for external boxes or EFIS factory upgrades, and that saves a lot of money and dramatically simplifies the installation.”

Schwinn said that along with complying with the ADS-B Out mandate, the Avidyne GLAS solution gives Citation pilots something they really want: namely, the ability to fly LPV approaches.

The GLAS protocol enables our IFD units to provide lateral and vertical guidance to the legacy EFIS and autopilots in the simplest way possible,” he said. “It’s really close to having a fully integrated NAV/EFIS without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars replacing the entire panel.”

Along with LPV approaches, Avidyne’s IFD FMS solution can also deliver other new-generation functions like synthetic vision, electronic charts, and integrated wireless connectivity to many apps, including ForeFlight.

Schwinn said that the response to the IFD solution has been strong. “We have one owner who had his CJ1+ upgraded and then decided he wanted to move up to a CJ3,” he said. “As soon as he got the CJ3 he brought it in to have the IFD550 upgrade. That’s what you call customer satisfaction.”