Bombardier: Home is where the best service is

 - July 22, 2022 (All day)

Everybody knows that when you need some nurturing and TLC there is no place like home. So, it stands to reason that when your Bombardier business jet needs any type of care, the best option is to bring it home — to the people who built it, know it best, and are resourced to offer it the best TLC in the world.

And with a fleet of approximately 5,000 aircraft in service, the company is committed to strengthening its relationships with customers through more service entry points than ever before as well as unrivaled experience and support expertise. It’s all about giving them even more reasons to bring their jets home to Bombardier. After all, Bombardier knows its customers’ aircraft best: its employees built them and know how to maximize their value. It’s the best solution for customers over the entire life of their aircraft. And now, Bombardier is providing its customers with even more of the services they demand and deserve.

We recently invested over $500 million in expanding our service infrastructure to continue to meet our customers’ changing needs,” states Bombardier’s Christopher Debergh, Vice President, OEM Parts and Services. “Our worldwide customer base has grown significantly in the past few years. We’ve had to rapidly expand our footprint to keep pace. It’s important to have the services our customers need under the Bombardier umbrella.”

Home is wherever in the world you are.

We have also increased our training program at all our locations, so we now have more factory-trained technicians than anyone else in the segment,” Debergh states. “We’ve also launched an array of new digital tools and services to give our customers all the information they need to enhance the ownership and operation of every Bombardier aircraft.”

The addition of new services, enhancing the number of skilled technicians, and markedly boosting the infrastructure footprint are steps that are all paying off. Debergh says that Bombardier’s aftermarket business has doubled in the past five years as more customers are choosing to bring their aircraft home for service and upgrades.

Our customers know and trust that no one else can do what we can do for every aircraft in our fleet,” he comments. “We have the expertise and know-how that only the OEM can provide. And it’s not going to change. We will continue to expand our network and service offerings to be closer to our customers and to provide them with added capabilities through Bombardier’s OEM advantage.”