Elliott Technologies: Cost-effective new-gen solutions for aging aircraft cabin systems

 - June 4, 2019 (All day)


With its new family of PRIZM LED cabin lighting and electronic Smart Vision shades, Elliott Technologies is providing easy-to-install, cost-effective solutions that improve the capabilities and reliability of two problem-prone areas of your aging aircraft’s interior.

Sometimes the little things will drive an aircraft owner crazy. For example, due to problems common to old fluorescent lighting and mechanical window shades, these two “simple” items are the cause of a lot of extra maintenance headaches.

Thanks to their experience with re-engineering proven technologies for aircraft use, the experts at Elliott Technologies, a division of Elliott Aviation, have introduced two new products that will see fluorescent lighting and mechanical shades going the way of the radial engine.

We are taking advancements in electronic lighting and window dimming and ‘repurposing’ them for business aviation use,” explained Mark Wilken, VP Avionics Programs and Operational Logistics for Elliott Technologies. “For example, the technology in our PRIZM LED lighting uses very low power and voltage, but delivers more lighting than the old fluorescents.”

He explained that PRIZM LEDs have the added benefit of offering millions of lighting color options. You can create a lighting environment to match the need— a blue/white lighting scheme for alertness or a warmer, amber shade for relaxation.

Elliott Technologies’ Smart Vision Shades are equally advanced. The interior window panel features an extremely thin film that transitions between clear to opaque as electricity is applied.

There are no mechanical parts to break and the film has a 50,000-hour mean time between failure,” he said. “All the benefits of nice window shades, but without any of the problems.”

Another unique feature is that the system can be set to automatically clear all the windows on aircraft shutdown. Then after 10 minutes the windows all switch to opaque to protect the interior from heat and damaging UV rays.

The technologies are created to retrofit into many legacy aircraft and to make it easy for MROs to sell. We have created quoting tools with all the parts and pricing,” Wilken said. “And both systems are easy to install. We have a lot of training available to help the installer simplify the task on most aircraft. They offer feature-rich solutions at very attractive prices.”