Engine Assurance Program: Maximize your business jet’s value

 - August 29, 2020 (All day)

Sooner or later, every business jet goes up for sale. And when that time comes, its owner wants to net the maximum resale value. Some owners go so far as to perform pre-sale avionics, cabin, or exterior upgrades, attempting to elevate said value.

While those steps may or may not work, one thing owners can do that pretty much guarantees maximum resale is to keep the engines on a proactive maintenance plan.

A respected engine maintenance program is one of the best ways to maximize your aircraft’s value. It will pretty much pay for itself when you sell,” stated Sean Lynch, program coordinator for Engine Assurance Program. “The problem facing owners of older aircraft is that they have tough decisions to make as the airframe loses value and the cost to keep them on an OEM engine program goes up.

We are the first and only engine program that specifically focuses on engine models 20 years old or older,” he continued. “And our  program can be priced at 80 to 100 dollars less per hour than the competition.”

Lynch explained that Engine Assurance Program’s pricing is the result of analyzing “hundreds and hundreds”
of engine shop visits. Their analysis included detailed costs of all types of maintenance and repairs from the simplest to complete turbine engine overhauls.

We know how much it costs to maintain these engines and we’ve priced our program at a level that makes it affordable, but encourages the owner/operator to stay with the program for as long as they own the airplane,” he said. “Owners will often take aircraft off a program to save money. The fact is it will probably cost them more in diminished aircraft value.

While owners initially come to us for our coverage, they often stay with us because of our customer service,” Lynch added. “Our high level of personal service is the thing our customers and vendors like about us. We truly care about them and bend over backward to meet their needs.

We recently polled our customers, and our number-one attribute was that they can pick up the phone and directly call any of us,” he said. “We truly value and
respect our customers. We treat them like friends.”