Flight Crews Unlimited: The easy solution to meeting your flight crew staffing needs.

 - June 6, 2019 (All day)


With thousands of successful “missions” in its logbook, Flight Crews Unlimited has the experience and reputation to take the worry out of finding the right flight crew and maintenance professional you need.

While corporate flight departments and the aircraft they operate have changed a lot since 1997, one thing hasn’t: the difficulty of recruiting, hiring and retaining qualified pilots, cabin attendants and maintainers.

Twenty-two years ago, that very need led Robert Tolomeo, a Chicago-based corporate pilot, to launch Flight Crews Unlimited.

As Tolomeo’s daughter and Client Relations Specialist for Flight Crews Unlimited Natalie Tolomeo explained, the company has grown from just looking to fill slots in the Chicago area into providing captain-rated crews for individuals and corporations around the world.

Whether it’s for a temporary or full-time position, we provide recruiting services for all kinds of operators with all types of aircraft,” she added. “Most of our candidates come through referrals from past clients or their friends.

[Flight Department managers] come to us first because they know we not only know what kind of person they are looking for, but we also know what kind of jobs the available crewmembers are looking for,” Ms. Tolomeo said. “We spend a lot of time getting to know that client, their personality and culture. Our goal is to present candidates that exceed expectations at all levels.”

When it comes to finding those individuals, Flight Crews Unlimited is just as thorough. Experience has shown that while a pilot’s logbook is important, it’s no indicator of how well that person’s soft skills will fit with the prospective employer.

Our CREWScontrol program has one of the highest vetting standards in the industry,” she said. “There is so much of a person’s personality that we have to take into consideration. The hiring company wants someone who will fit and be with that company for a long time.”

While Flight Crews Unlimited’s track record for success is enviable, Ms. Tolomeo said that some positions are easier to fill than others. “As you can imagine, some of our customers are extremely particular about who they hire to fly their airplane. It can be a challenge, but we never give up.”