FltPlan.com: Simplifying the complex world of corporate aviation flight planning and logistics

 - June 10, 2019 (All day)


Delivering an impressive array of free flight and trip-planning services, complemented by a portfolio of subscription-based “premium” services, FltPlan.com is helping pilots and flight department managers simplify and streamline their flights.

Every pilot loves to fly. That’s why we do what we do. But the downside to the flying is the growing amount of flight planning and coordination that’s part of every trip. Between weather, airport information, FBO research, weight and balance, and a growing list of regulations, it seemingly takes longer to plan a trip than to fly it.

Well, a five-minute stop at FltPlan.com and you’re well on your way to making routine flight planning the easiest part of your next mission.

With a wide range of web- and app-based services, FltPlan.com enables pilots and corporate flight departments to streamline their operations through a full suite of logistics solutions,” explained Ken Wilson, founder and Staff Lead for FltPlan.com (a Garmin company). “Everything that every pilot needs to plan a trip is free to use. All they have to do is sign up.”

And pilots have signed up: according to the company, upwards of 70 percent of all N-registered flight plans for turboprops and business jets are currently done through the FltPlan.com website.

Everyone knows about the benefits of our free FltPlan.com services, but what really sets us apart is our extensive selection of Premium Services that have been specifically tailored to fleet and corporate operators,” Wilson said. “All of our premium services are integrated with a user’s FltPlan.com account, which saves a lot of time when entering routine information.”

FltPlan.com’s current array of Premium Services are tailored to meet the needs of corporate and charter operations and include Safety Management Systems (SMS), Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs), FltPlan Manager, FltLogic, eAPIS for Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, Premium Flight Tracking, a DCM Call Sign Program for security, Runway Analysis, and more.

Corporate and charter operators have vastly different needs, so our Premium Services are individually priced so members pay only for what they need,” Wilson said. “While they all deliver significant pre- and post-flight benefits, the most popular services are SMS, FltLogic, PDC, and eAPIS.”

Wilson explained that to meet the needs of the growing number of pilots who want to do their flight planning on a personal device, FltPlan.com offers the flexibility of two apps: FltPlan Go, which supports most third-party avionics, and Garmin Pilot, which supports all the Garmin avionics.

But, while all of the free and premium FltPlan.com services and apps deliver a greater level of capabilities and simplified operations to pilots, Wilson stressed that the real draw is the company’s customer support team.

We are there for our customers 24/7, and pilots have great confidence that when they create a flight plan on our site it will actually get in the ATC system and be ready for them when they need it,” Wilson said. “That’s our top priority.”