Fort Wayne Aero Center: The Exception to the Rule

 - June 8, 2019 (All day)


Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, publicly owned Fort Wayne Aero Center is the FBO that breaks the mold by matching the most expensive private FBOs with highly personalized customer service at much more reasonable prices.

There’s an unspoken rule when it comes to Fixed Base Operations (FBOs); namely that affordable government-owned FBOs deliver mediocre care to customers, while customer service-focused private FBOs are anything but affordable.

Meet the exception to the rule: the publicly owned Fort Wayne Aero Center (FWAC). Located at Indiana’s Fort Wayne International Airport, FWAC offers more than 15,000 square feet of space and reasonably priced amenities for flight crews and passengers to enjoy.

We offer outstanding service and amenities while charging fair prices that are an outstanding value,” said Joe Behling, FWAC’s FBO Director.

Here are the services and amenities that FWAC provides to its customers. “We offer the standard amenities such as coffee, fresh-baked cookies, bottled water, and satellite TV in our lobby,” said Behling. “We have two conference rooms, a guest office with teleconference, an oversized pilots’ lounge, flight planning, sleep rooms, and a fitness center complete with two showers and change rooms. We have on-site customs as well, ensuring quick clearing and service for our international clients.

FWAC’s staff lives by four mantras: ‘Do The Right Thing,’ ‘Good to Great,’ ‘Attention to Detail,’ and ‘Every Aircraft Is Important.’”

‘Do The Right Thing’ is a very powerful and simple statement all FWAC team members live by. We look out for our customers and their best interests. Profits are not our motivation and we believe that shows.

‘Good to Great’ means we want your experience to be unforgettably great and noteworthy in its excellence,” Behling said. “Continuous improvement is something we all strive for, and that includes myself.

‘Attention to Detail’ means we take notes on every customer that comes through our doors,” he said. “Our desire is to create a personalized experience for each client: We pride ourselves on ‘Hoosier Hospitality!’”

‘Every Aircraft Is Important’ means that that a Cessna 150 has the same importance as a Gulfstream G650,” Behling said. “Arriving aircraft are parked on Line 1, Spot 1 at every opportunity. When departing, your aircraft will be pulled up to either Spot 1 or Spot 2 depending on ramp activity. We will get your aircraft as close to the door as possible.”

Put it all together, and FWAC has earned its reputation for being the premier FBO in Northeast Indiana and the Great Lakes region. “We will impress you by treating you the way you should be treated and raising your expectations of FBO service,” said Behling. “We have only one chance at a first impression, and we want FWAC’s customers to be impressed!”