Gogo 5G Network: Delivering the final piece of the high-speed airborne connectivity puzzle.

 - June 12, 2019 (All day)


Experience true 5G in the air and on the ground. Gogo Business Aviation is bringing the mobile 5G experience to airborne passengers when the terrestrial telcos are bringing it to your home.

As the need for broadband connectivity continues to grow from passengers, airborne connectivity providers continue to innovate to meet those expanding needs. Gogo Business Aviation’s new 5G network will be a game changer. What’s so great about 5G? In connectivity parlance: it’s the next big thing of big things.

The new 5G network we are launching will deliver the same great user experiences to corporate turboprops and jets as the 5G networks the other carriers are going to deliver on the ground,” explained Mike Syverson, Senior VP, Gogo Business Aviation. “With 5G, the amount of spectrum available for us to use will increase by 20 times compared to what we now have on our current 4G network.”

This is really going to be the first time in aviation history that aircraft connectivity will be on a level playing field with what you experience in your home or office,” he continued. “Our customers will finally have a full suite of capabilities to do what they want.”

Syverson also said unlike the prior-generation 3G and 4G network rollouts, Gogo 5G has been designed to be the first truly scalable solution.

We’re building it with the future in mind,” he said. “Spectrum acquisitions will enable us to add new technologies and capabilities to the 5G network.

That means we can deliver expanded services faster and easier to our customers with no reinvestment in the network.” Speaking of minimizing major investments, Syverson said that the new 5G network’s in-cabin equipment configuration leverages the company’s established AVANCE product line.

That will make it much easier for customers who have AVANCE to upgrade to 5G,” he said. “And because MROs and OEMs are already familiar with the equipment and configurations, new installations will be easier.”