Gogo Business Aviation: 5G Is Fast and Flexible

 - July 21, 2022 (All day)

It wasn’t that long ago when cabin connectivity was merely nice to have. Today, it’s become part of the aircraft’s minimum equipment list.

Two-thirds of our market are people who have grown up on being connected 24/7,” explains Sergio Aguirre, President and COO of Gogo Business Aviation. “Aviation connectivity has traditionally been three to five years behind the connectivity experience on the ground because there are challenges getting the same technology on an aircraft.

Millennial and Gen X passengers aren’t patient. They want the same experience in the air as they get on the ground,” he adds. “Gogo 5G will enable operators to upgrade the aircraft’s connectivity to match what consumers are getting on the ground and deliver speeds and streaming capabilities that keep pace. That’s never been possible before now.”

Aguirre explains that the system’s upgradability is rooted in the fact that Gogo Business Aviation is the only ATG provider that has developed and produced all its software and components are driven by the AVANCE platform, and Gogo’s 5G adheres to all the 3GPP 5G standards.

Gogo’s about to get going.

Aguirre adds that with all required approvals in hand, Gogo Business Aviation’s 5G network is on track to go live this fall. And once the company flips the switch, airborne connectivity will never be the same.

Chief pilots and DOMs won’t have to monitor the data usage of the passengers like they do today,” he says. “With low latency and peak speeds of up to 80 megabytes per second, there will be plenty of data available for streaming Teams or Zoom calls.

And it will be simultaneously available to multiple users in the cabin,” Aguirre adds. “Our 5G network will deliver an experience that passengers have never seen before, and at a price that’s actually affordable. It will be the best connectivity solution in business aviation.”