Mesinger Jet Sales: The Best Solutions. The Best Outcomes.

 - June 20, 2019 (All day)


When you engage Mesinger Jet Sales, you get a dedicated team who work tirelessly for you to create the best solutions and outcomes.

Time is Money
Through constant market research we know how to accurately value an aircraft that we’re considering for an acquisition client and price an aircraft that we plan to list for a brokerage client. When an aircraft is priced and promoted correctly, time on the market is significantly reduced. From 2017 to 2019, our average days on the market, from listing to an accepted LOI, has been 56 days.

Our comprehensive approach to research includes daily calls to various markets to track inventory levels, aircraft-specific details, prices, and operational histories. We also track sold prices, a crucial differentiator made possible through trusted global relationships with our industry peers. Solely knowing what an aircraft sold for means nothing if you don’t know all factors that attributed to that price.

Many aircraft come to market with a “Make Offer” asking price, which provides no real guidance to a buyer. Our knowledge and expertise provide more certainty to the market and a faster resolution for clients, whose goal is to maximize sales price and minimize time and expense.

When buying an aircraft, we analyze the needs and desires of buyers and run flight plans to determine the types of aircraft that will best achieve their missions. We present cost recaps of each type of aircraft, including capital costs, fixed costs, variable costs, and charter cost savings if applicable. Additionally, if needed, we interview management companies with the buyer and review and compare their costs.

No Competitive Disadvantage
We are not inventorying dealers, so we never own aircraft. We don’t do back-to-back deals, and we will never represent multiple directly competitive aircraft at the same time. We make your aircraft a priority.

Our engagement structure means that our work with clients is 100% transparent and our interests remain aligned with our clients’ interests.

Success From Listing to Contract
Our Technical Director performs a site visit, whether buying or selling, to see the aircraft and review records. Having a deep understanding of the asset empowers us to negotiate when buying. When selling, it allows us to best promote the aircraft’s value and explain the history to buyers, minimizing surprises that could otherwise be costly and frustrating. We have the industry’s most detailed and accurate specifications, so the industry pays attention to our listings first.

The Technical Director is on site at multiple times throughout the process, including key showings, and assembles the correct people (principal, seller, technician) from Mesinger depending on the group attending the showing.

Focused and Efficient Inspection Oversight
Our Technical Director spends copious amounts of time and energy to prepare for and oversee the pre-purchase evaluation including: requesting proposals, attending the input of the aircraft into the pre-purchase facility, and closely following the progress of the pre-purchase process, including visits at key times. Maintaining a laser-focus on time management, discrepancy correction, and cost ensures your success and satisfaction, while reducing expenses and maximizing return.