MRO Insider: Simplify your search for qualified maintenance providers

 - June 24, 2019 (All day)


MRO Insider provides owner/operators with a faster, more efficient way to request and receive quotes from a growing array of aircraft maintenance service providers.

We’ve used familiar technology to give owner/ operators a platform to communicate with qualified maintenance providers, in an easy and transparent way,” Andy Nixon, MRO Insider’s Cofounder and VP of Sales, stated. “This capability isn’t new to the world, but it is new to corporate aviation. Now the process is streamlined for the owner/operator to manage their own maintenance decisions through our website.”

MRO Insider is a web-based tool for submitting and receiving maintenance quotes, for all types of corporate aircraft and helicopters, covering both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance as well as upgrades.

Once they open a free account with us, the aircraft owner/operator fills out what type of maintenance services they need, upload a due list, and any facility on our network that can provide those services receives the request,” he said. “We recently increased our list of service request types to include 11 of the most common maintenance events.”

When we started in 2017, we had eight aircraft and three MRO facilities registered on our website,” Nixon said. “In just over 16 months we have grown to over 700 corporate aircraft and 116 MRO locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Singapore – and we just registered a handful in Europe. Our success is the result of delivering a valued service to our members.”

Nixon explained that to help make the process even more efficient, “We have a built-in messaging system so a shop can quickly respond and ask for additional information if they need it.”

Facilities are encouraged to submit a competitive quote, knowing they are actively competing for your business. Competition is good, which will lead to the democratization of the industry,” he said.

The next phase is to standardize the quote format, allowing users to compare apples-to-apples, much like product comparisons on other e-commerce websites. This development has been a direct result of user feedback and we’re excited to bring this exclusive feature to our platform.”

Nixon added that the bottom-line goal is to give owner/operators access to more qualified MRO facilities, while cutting response times by a significant amount, all in the simplest, most transparent form possible.

Of course business aircraft are extremely valuable assets and thus data security is one of the company’s highest priorities. “Customer security is one of MRO Insider’s core values. The privacy of our members’ information is front and center, and we have gone to great lengths to keep it secure,” he said. “User passwords and information are encrypted, and that’s just the beginning of the multiple layers of protection we have in place.”

We don’t require our users to expose their specific information. For example, they can put in their tail number or add their aircraft using a nickname for the aircraft and flight department,” Nixon said. “Only information that the owner/operator wants people to see goes to the MRO facilities.”

While the goal of MRO Insider is to help owner/operators receive maintenance quotes in a streamlined manner, there are other perks. MRO Insider recently introduced Mx Rewards, its maintenance rewards program. Users accumulate rewards points based on various account transactions. Nixon explained that the current list of Mx Rewards includes cash back, excursions, tickets to sporting events, cruises, charitable donations, and more.

We conducted a survey of owner/operators and charter management companies and compiled a list of rewards that interested our users,” he said. “From there we created our current program. In fact most of our services are a direct result of our constant communication and feedback from users.”

While programs like Mx Rewards are nice incentives, Nixon said that both owner/operators and MROs come to MRO Insider because of the unique streamlined process that saves everyone time and money.