Piper Aircraft: Designed to serve all general aviation pilots

 - June 28, 2019 (All day)


Piper Aircraft’s M-Class family of single-engine, cabin-class aircraft are designed to enable pilots to “step-up” through the product line as their experience and needs increase.

For many general aviation pilots, their aircraft is an essential business tool. They fly themselves to various locations to manage their enterprises, meet with clients, and do whatever it takes to keep the bottom line in the black. Using their own aircraft makes this possible in a time-efficient manner—nothing else will do.

Piper Aircraft understands this breed of general aviation pilot. Piper also knows that their needs and budgets change with time. And that a pilot for whom an entry- level plane was once enough now needs to add speed and range to stay on top of their many business commitments, while keeping operating costs under control.

This is why Piper offers the M-Class family of single- engine cabin-class aircraft,” said Jacqueline Carlon, Piper’s Senior Director of Marketing. “All based upon a six- person cabin, the M-Class product line lets you start with the M350, a proven pressurized piston. Advance to the least expensive turboprop on the market–the M500–for more performance, and advance to our flagship product, the M600, for even more speed and range.”

At a starting price of just $1.2 million, the Piper M350 comfortably seats six with its elegant, club-style seating and spacious cabin. “The M350 is the only pressurized piston aircraft in its class, providing undeniable capability,” noted Carlon. “The aircraft can easily fly above the weather, providing passengers with a comfortable flight.”

Don’t let the M350’s entry-level price fool you. This capable six-seater, powered by a 350-horsepower, Lycoming TIO 540-AE2A, turbocharged, piston engine, offers a 213 ktas/395 km/h max cruise speed, and has a range of 1,343 nm/2,487 km.

The M350’s standard features include the latest in avionics from Garmin–the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck, which takes the industry’s most trusted glass flight deck platform to a new higher level of performance and capability. It combines added processing power with brighter, smoother high-resolution displays, and advanced features.

When it’s time to step up, the Piper M500 offers enhanced performance for just $2.1 million. The intuitive cockpit has much in common with the M350, making the transition to the M500 seamless. The cabin offers elegant appointments including a comfortable work space. The speed and powerplant are a step higher. This is because the M500 is equipped with a 500-shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A turboprop engine, and the airplane is capable of delivering a 260 ktas/482 km/h max cruise speed at a range of 1,000 nm/1,852 km.

The M500 was designed with a focus on making turbine operations simple,” said Carlon. “With the engine spooled up, the prop turns at 2,000 rpm at all times, leaving only the throttle to manage the power. The condition lever is a simple two-position fuel control, either in the on or off position. Yet it consumes 35 gallons of jet-A at normal cruise–making it the most fuel-efficient turboprop available today.”

The ultimate in the M-Class family is the Piper M600. It features a clean-sheet wing design that touts extra speed and range. The M500 platform is boosted further by a more powerful 600-shp PT6A-42A turboprop engine.

The M600 has a maximum cruise speed of 274 ktas/507 km/h combined with a maximum range of 1,658 nm/3071 km, making it the fastest/farthest aircraft in the M-Class family. It also adds a sophisticated Garmin G3000 touchscreen-controlled glass flight deck, the most comprehensive, intuitive, and technologically advanced avionics package on the market today.

At a price of $2.9 million, “The M600 stills sips fuel, at about 42 gallons of jet-A an hour. at a max cruise of 274 ktas,” Carlon said. It also comes with the most tasteful, stylish cabin in the entire M-Class, reflecting the success of the pilots who buy and fly it. What’s more, the aircraft includes the same Garmin advanced safety features that are found across the M-Class line, providing pilots with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there is an additional level of security coupled to the GFC 700 autopilot. Taken as a whole, the M-Class allows pilots to stay within the Piper Aircraft family as their needs and means change over time. This minimizes the training time needed to move from one aircraft to another and allows pilots to capitalize on the expertise they’ve accumulated flying Pipers over the years.

To make life easier for their customers, Piper Authorized Service Centers are conveniently located around the world to keep their M-Classes ready to take off at a moment’s notice. “This is all backed by Piper’s reputation for reliable, rugged, and robust aircraft,” said Carlon. “You get access to all of this when you join our M-Class family. That’s why so many pilots are flying M-Class aircraft today.”