SmartSky Networks: Can I Send This From The Sky?

 - August 22, 2020 (All day)

Will this PowerPoint actually get to my boss during my flight? That stressful question when hitting “send” on board an aircraft has been repeated countless times. Getting documents and data off an aircraft while in flight has been the thorn for most connectivity systems. SmartSky aims to change that.

One major question when exploring connectivity is “How much bandwidth to and from the aircraft do you need when you’re on board?” It’s tough to know, but the answer usually has been “more.” For several years, data needs have been rising in an always-connected world, whether you’re on the ground or in the air.

Aircraft operators, owners and passengers are calling for the ability to get more data, documents, photos and more off the airplane, especially for business and aircraft efficiency needs. Most connectivity systems focus on delivering data only to the passenger. In some cases, 90% of the total capacity of the connection is to the aircraft. Only 10% goes from the airplane to the ground, a fault of the overall architecture of legacy systems. SmartSky’s next-generation Wi-Fi network will deliver a nearly 50%/50% data split to and from the aircraft.

The high-performance Wi-Fi network from SmartSky will allow super-fast connections, enabling everything from video calling to live gaming to cloud-based file transfers. This means a better user experience and satisfied fliers who don’t have to settle for text-only services or legacy systems that don’t perform. SmartSky’s patented beamforming technology also will be more secure, with one beam per aircraft instead of one beam for several.

Stream aircraft maintenance data while you talk to the office. Send the PowerPoint during a video chat. Don’t put limits on what you do in the sky.