Wilson Air Center: Top-tier FBO experiences and facilities at down-to-earth prices

 - August 25, 2020 (All day)

The canopy in Memphis, the largest in the world at its construction, is now a recognizable landmark in general aviation. It also inspired the phrase “It’s a beautiful day at Wilson Air Center.” With 26,000 sq. ft. of canopy protecting aircraft and customers from the elements, it is always a beautiful day at Wilson Air Center.

And when customers arrive under the canopy, says Bob Wilson, “We treat them like we would want to be treated. The pilot flying the piston single gets the same service as the people on the Gulfstream. Big or small, we love them all.” It’s a simple theory, but one that is proven to work well, “We have not changed our philosophy over the years,” he adds. “Even if we are the only FBO on the field, we still deliver excellent service at fair prices. We are the ‘Plane Best.’”

Wilson explains that most of the FBO’s success is credited towards his employees. “I am very fortunate to have great employees who understand what I expect out of them. All four FBOs, Memphis, Houston, Charlotte, and Chattanooga, have excelled.”

With such a solid understanding of the importance of customer service baked into the culture of Wilson Air Center, Bob turns to another facet of the FBOs: “I always tell my employees when looking at survey results, bricks and mortar are my problem, not yours. What I really look at is how we rank in customer service. We deliver a great product, and I want our facilities to reflect our attention to detail and outstanding service.” With this renewed emphasis on improving all facilities, examples of Wilson Air Centers’ upgrade projects include:

  • In Memphis, an ongoing major FBO lobby renovation
  • In Houston, a completely new terminal and a new 18,000-sq.-ft. hangar
  • In Charlotte, new flight department/offices, a lobby upgrade, a 38,000-sq.-ft. hangar in process, and an FBO renovation
  • In Chattanooga, a new 25,000-sq.-ft. hangar and a 3,700-sq.-ft. lobby/office complex

As for the chain’s consistently high ranking in all the major customer polls, Wilson says, “We have never asked for a vote in these polls. If we deliver great service, customers will remember us. Our team delivers.”

Continuously one of the top-rated FBOs in the Americas by AIN.

Best Small FBO Chain by Professional Pilot Magazine–13 years.