HAI Convention News

Sikorsky S-76 in line for yet further improvements

 - February 7, 2005, 7:13 AM

At 11:30 a.m. today, representatives of Sikorsky Aircraft will reveal a series of future product improvements for the S-76 series during an event at the OEM’s booth (No. 3069).

The product improvements include all-composite main rotor blades with de-icing capability, new avionics and engine options. Also being unveiled here at the show is a new S-76C++ VIP interior designed by Heritage Aviation that offers an updated five-person seating arrangement and an improved soundproofing system. Combined with Sikorsky’s new QuietZone transmission in the main gearbox, which will be included on all S-76 corporate/VIP deliveries this year, the reduction in cabin noise is expected to “provide new standards in passenger comfort.”

A separate event will honor the crew of an S-70 Firehawk operated by Los Angeles County that saved the lives of 40 people during floods that struck southern California in late January. The Firehawk will be on display at the Sikorksy booth during the entire show, and Sikorsky will conduct a ceremony honoring the crew on tomorrow at noon. Firehawk chief pilot Lee Benson will also conduct technical briefings at the aircraft.