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FH1100 Will Fly with FlightLogic Cockpit

 - September 28, 2006, 10:48 AM

FH1100 Manufacturing Corp. of Century, Fla., has selected an EFIS cockpit from Chelton Flight Systems (Booth No. 2821) as standard equipment on all new 2006 Model FH1100 helicopters. The Chelton FlightLogic system will also be available for retrofit on FH1100 helicopters produced before this year.

The FH1100 originated as a Fairchild Hiller machine powered by an Allison 250 C-20B turboshaft engine and built for a U.S. Army training helicopter competition. The same engine propels the FH1100 civil version. Chelton’s FlightLogic EFIS replaces all electromechanical flight instrumentation (attitude, heading, airspeed, altitude and vertical rate) and integrates navigation, terrain and collision-avoidance symbology.