HAI Convention News

FlightSafety’s latest simulator comes to you

 - September 29, 2006, 5:30 AM

FlightSafety International is demonstrating its new mobile graphical flight simulator LNV, a full-flight device that is software-configurable to any helicopter or fixed-wing model, at Heli-Expo’06 Booth No. 1699C.

This portable simulation system makes it possible for operators to train their flight crews on or off site, on their schedules, using what FlightSafety calls its most versatile mobile training system. The entire system can be operated from inside a trailer, portable container or fixed training site. Built-in power conversion expands training locations to anywhere in the world.

The graphical flight simulator LNV is designed to meet the need for line-oriented flight training (LOFT). FlightSafety engineers can develop detailed visual databases that replicate any specific geographical and infrastructure elements as part of configuring training scenarios to any fleet composition or training objective. Customized scenarios can be constructed to reinforce abnormal and emergency procedures through event insertions such as mechanical failures, inclement weather or hostile encounters.

The system draws upon the same Vital family of image libraries used in FlightSafety’s full-flight simulators to convey utmost realism in topography and climatic conditions. Managed through a PC-based control station, all training events are repeatable.

Display features include touch-screen technology, a high-fidelity loading system and a multichannel liquid crystal on silicon projector that places high-resolution imagery on a cylindrical front projection screen. Multiple graphical flight simulator LNV trainers can be linked for real-time collective training through an on-site centralized control station.