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Honeywell to make T53 civil version for 210

 - September 29, 2006, 5:42 AM

Honeywell has chosen Heli-Expo’06 to announce plans to manufacture an FAA-certified 1,800-shp version of the military T53 turboshaft engine for the Bell 210.

The engine maker has developed a design and manufacturing process that combines FAA-approved parts and certain milspec T53-L-703 and T53-L-13B components, reworked to OEM specifications, in a civilian-certified T5317BCV engine model. The T5317BCV will be delivered as a zero-time engine backed by a full four-year or 2,000-hour factory warranty.

It will feature air-cooled turbine nozzles and turbine blades and other durability improvements that will produce an initial TBO of 5,000 hours.

Bob Miller, Honeywell program director for light and utility helicopters, said, “Having developed the manufacturing process in support of the B210, we are now able to offer the engine to other aircraft OEMs. This commercial-certified T5317BCV engine provides the customer with an engine that incorporates only genuine OEM components and all-new rotating life-limited parts.”

Additionally, the T53’s civil version will be maintained in accordance with Honeywell commercial manuals and standards, allowing operators to have the engine serviced by Honeywell’s worldwide network of approved service centers. It will be built at Honeywell’s Greer, S.C. manufacturing and repair center.