Farnborough Air Show

Kronshtadt builds sims for land and sea

 - November 16, 2006, 11:27 AM

St. Petersburg, Russia-based Kronshtadt (Hall 3 Stand D22) is here at Farnborough International showcasing its array of flight and sea platform training simulators, navigation systems and onboard equipment. Since the company was founded in 2000, Kronshtadt has become a major supplier of defense products to both the Russian domestic customer and export clients.

Kronshtadt owes its success to the experience and design capability of the company that was the core of its technical staff, Transas, and through its alliances with various Russian state arms export agencies. The company’s product line has developed through its ability to derive high-technology defense products–primarily navigation systems, avionics/seaboard electronics and onboard equipment, and training simulators–from similar products that had already been developed in the commercial sector. Many of these were designed and produced by Transas, and then modified and adapted for military use.

Company officials state that the quality of Kronshtadt’s products is due to its staff of pilots and engineers, many of whom served in the Russian military and are familiar with the real-life requirements of the company’s customers.

These simulators are developed and manufactured so that there is maximum emphasis on the cost/efficiency criterion. Much of this is gained by basing the software and hardware technology on commercially available personal computers. This makes the simulator model reliable, easy to use and simple to upgrade. Based on this “building blocks” type of approach and utilizing the company’s experience, the general timeframe for the development of a new simulator model is six to 24 months.

The company’s future plans involve the development and delivery of high-tech products for naval, air force and military transport aviation applications.     –R.F.J.