Farnborough Air Show

Thales Formation trainer isa real pilot finishing school

 - November 27, 2006, 6:48 AM

The Thales Formation Systems Trainer (TFST) being demonstrated here by the French group’s UK-based Thales Training & Simulation division (Hall 3 Stand C5) is part of a complete line of flight crew training equipment that embraces everything from PC-based desktop trainers to full flight simulators.

Providing what the vendor says is a  unique degree of operability and life cycle cost benefits, the Thales Formation products are based on a PC/Windows real-time platform using technology the company has pioneered. The application of industry standard software is a technique to reduce overall support costs and increase equipment availability by negating the need for a specialized technical support workforce.

The trainer uses the same high-fidelity systems and avionics simulation modules as the Formation full flight simulator, deployed onto a subset computer architecture. It saves time and expense by providing quality systems and procedure training before students move on to a full flight simulator.

The three-dimensional structure is configured for optimal combination of two- and three-dimensional simulated aircraft panels. The TFST can also be used for head up display training and has key features for maintenance training, such as additional screens for active systems schematics and virtual aircraft representation.

Thales claims to have been at the forefront of rehosting and retargeting avionic vendor aircraft software to run on PC platforms used in the lower level training devices. This capability, the company claims, ensures total fidelity across the entire Thales Formation family of products.

Variants of the TFST are available for different Boeing and Airbus airliners. One variant for the A380 is due to be shipped this month to Singapore Airlines, and Boeing’s Alteon training subsidiary has ordered variants configured to represent the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The version on show here is in an A330 configuration, intended to address the requirements of the civil and military users of the Airbus widebody twin who will be visiting the show.