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BAE tackles safety of flight

 - December 11, 2006, 8:20 AM

BAE Systems has recently announced three major programs aimed at improved flight safety and providing contingency plans in the event of emergencies.

The company’s Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) has been working closely with the European Commission’s OASIS (open advanced system for improved crisis management) project that is designed to halve reaction times in emergency situations. ATC is leading the C3I effort within Oasis that will allow 10 European Union nations to pool their resources and develop an interoperable communications protocol.

The company (Stand W300) has also developed a system of onboard smart sensors that can automatically inspect and detect any deterioration or damage to the structure of the platform. Currently, BAE is using its popular Hawk trainer as the test bed for this technology, but the goal is to be able to eventually make military and commercial aircraft within the EU “self-inspecting.”

Another BAE program to improve flight safety conditions is its development of an artificial bird for use in bird-strike testing. BAE proposes to use this new-generation bird, which is composed of more advanced materials than those employed in similar previous products, during the design and development phase of an aircraft design. This would limit the use of real birds to the certification process and reduce the risks of biological hazards.