Dubai Air Show

Debris Detection System Tested in Dubai

 - December 11, 2006, 5:39 AM

QinetiQ’s radar system that can detect very small items of potentially dangerous debris on airport runways has just completed a successful demonstration at Dubai International Airport. Called Tarsier, the all-weather, 24/7 system performed fully automatic detection and location of test debris items such as plastic and glass bottles, metal bolts and a small section of carbon fiber grill.

The demonstration also included the simultaneous real time detection of more than 30 pieces of rubber tire in a simulated blow-out.

Commenting on the trial, Mohammed Ahli, operations director at Dubai, declared, “Tasier performed very well and we look forward to continuing our dialog with QinetiQ about the potential installation of the system.”

Debris on runways is a major safety, cost and operational issue for airports and airlines, costing an estimated $4 billion annually. Currently performed manually, checking for debris is time consuming, expensive and prone to human error. By contrast Tarsier can locate runway debris swiftly and accurately without disrupting aircraft movements.