Boisture Resigns as President of NetJets

 - January 11, 2007, 6:14 AM

Bill Boisture, 59, yesterday resigned as president of NetJets Aviation, a position he held since joining the fractional provider in October 2003. Boisture, who recently formed W. Boisture & Associates, has been retained by NetJets as a consultant to “support and assist the company on several strategic projects.” During his two-year tenure he was the company’s front-line negotiator with the pilot and flight attendant unions. Both groups ratified five-year labor contracts with NetJets management late last year. According to the company, Boisture also led changes that improved planning, forecasting, scheduling, command and control, aircraft maintenance and management information systems. At press time, NetJets did not return calls asking if the position will be filled. Additionally, Boisture could not be reached for comment.