HAI Convention News

Max-Viz improves outlook for helo pilots

 - February 19, 2007, 9:07 AM

Max-Viz is at Heli-Expo Booth No. 1469 to spread the word about its eight recently completed or in-progress enhanced vision system (EVS) STC programs for helicopters.

Jim Tuttle, CEO of the three-year-old Portland, Ore. company, said 2004 was a “great year for Max-Viz. Sales and installations have exceeded our expectations. We anticipate continued interest and growth in the helicopter market. Since our founding, we have sold 80 EVS systems and have obtained a broad portfolio of STCs.”

The Max-Viz EVS-1000 employs a long-wave uncooled infrared sensor that generates images from ahead of the helicopter that can be displayed on any video-capable cockpit display. Max-Viz currently holds 11 STCs for its EVS-1000 and -2000 products. The EVS-2000 is a dual-IR sensor system with wide spectrum coverage that merges inputs from each sensor through imagery fusion.

New helicopter certifications during 2004 for Max-Viz EVS installations include the Bell 212/412, Sikorsky S-76 and Eurocopter EC 135 and EC 145. New customers and helicopter installation/certifications are in progress for the EC 155, AS 355, AS 350 and Agusta A109 Power. Recent customers include Lee County, Fla., for an EC 145; Winthrop Harbor, Ill., on an EC 135; and Agusta Aerospace Corp.’s A109.

Also during 2004 Max-Viz obtained six fixed-wing STCs and has programs under way on the Boeing 767, Gulfstream IV and Learjet 30 series. At the last NBAA Convention in Las Vegas, Cessna announced a program to add the Max-Viz EVS to the Citation XL/XLS type certificate.