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USAIG ‘safety bucks’ tops $4 million

 - March 15, 2007, 12:50 PM

The “Safety Bucks” program from insurer USAIG (United States Aircraft Insurance Group) has contributed more than $4.3 million over the last nine years to defray the training costs or participants in its Preferred Policyholder Program, according to figures released here at Heli-Expo.

The program currently covers 82 operators flying 168 Agusta, Bell, Eurocopter and MD Helicopter models. Participants receive up to $30,000 a year to spend on flight or maintenance training at any of the covered OEMs or at FlightSafety International.

To qualify for the program, an operator must have completed at least one year in the USAIG Preferred Policy Program, renew its USAIG insurance and continue to satisfy the requirements of the program.

Those requirements include that helicopters have shoulder harnesses at each seat location, that all maintenance be performed or supervised by factory-authorized technicians, that all flight-critical parts be factory-genuine and that all pilots hold commercial or ATP certificates and attend OEM ground and flight school annually.