Paris Air Show

CMC’s portable mission display equals military EFB

 - June 18, 2007, 7:32 AM

CMC Electronics (Hall 3, Stand D7) is introducing a so-called “portable mission display” for military aircraft called TacView that will do for armed-forces pilots what electronic flight bag (EFB) portable computers do for civilian fliers.

Being demonstrated in public for the first time here this week, TacView is specifically designed for military and paramilitary airborne missions where real-time situational awareness is imperative, according to the Montreal-based manufacturer.

The unit can host tactical datalink messaging for network-centric communications and portable mission planning as well as digital moving maps, weather imagery, electronic aeronautical charts and weapons targeting imaging. In addition, the TacView display provides EFB functionality for paperless cockpit requirements in military aircraft. The device consists of a rugged night-vision system, compatible “smart” display and power supply/interface module.

CMC’s touts TacView as being large enough to display full-size instrument approach charts, checklists and moving maps yet small enough to mount in just about any cockpit. The unit’s sunlight-readable 5- by 7-inch display features an integrated sliding keyboard, film-on-glass touch-sensitive screen and bezel-mounted soft keys.

CMC’s PilotView EFB portable cockpit computer on which the TacView product is based, meanwhile, continues to attract OEM buyers as evidenced by two supplier agreements for class-2 devices the company announced here on Monday.

Italian-French airframe maker ATR selected the units as a standard option for new aircraft production and retrofits of in-service ATR 42 and ATR 72 turboprop regional airliners. The dual installation supports so-called paperless cockpit operations, including display of aircraft data and procedures manuals and interactive electronic charts. Rockwell Collins has also picked the PilotView computers as part of a program with Bombardier to outfit Global Express XRS and Global 5000 business jets with touch-screen displays for showing electronic charts, graphical weather maps and cabin management controls.

The class-2 devices include an 8.4-inch-diagonal active-matrix LCD screen, bezel-mounted soft keys and computer processor running Windows. Besides electronic charts, graphical weather and manuals, the devices can also display live video from surveillance cameras or an enhanced-vision system and include multiple interfaces for wireless and Ethernet connectivity.

PilotView displays are also being demonstrated at the CMC stand.