Countries Begin Requiring War-risk Insurance

 - October 4, 2007, 6:29 AM

Since September 11, a growing number of countries are requiring that aircraft overflying or landing at their respective airports carry war-risk insurance.

At press time, seven countries and the administrative region of Hong Kong have such a requirement, and aircraft handling providers expect the list to grow. The countries are Belgium, Germany, Mauritius, Poland, Portugal and Romania. Slovenia requires war-risk insurance but only for aircraft with an mtow exceeding 30,865 lb. Some of these are also requiring that, to ensure validity, war-risk policies must be dated later than September 11.

The U.S. has no such requirement, but this could change. The New York legislature is considering a bill that would require war-risk insurance for aircraft overflying or landing in the Empire State.

A list of countries that have been confirmed as not having a
war-risk insurance requirement includes: Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait and Yemen.

Aircraft owners and operators who self insure for war-risk hull should contact an aircraft handling provider to determine if this is acceptable to countries requiring war-risk insurance.