Kollsman increases EVS production to meet backlog at Gulfstream

 - October 17, 2007, 6:12 AM

It’s the sort of problem that any avionics equipment supplier would be happy to have. With a current backlog of some 36 systems, Gulfstream has asked Kollsman of Merrimack, N.H., to increase production of the company’s infrared-sensor-based enhanced vision system (EVS), now certified in a variety of Gulfstreams. Bill Boisture, Gulfstream president, said EVS has generated strong interest among operators since the system entered service early last year. He added that he expects EVS to become “just as essential” as other safety systems such as TCAS and terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS). The Kollsman EVS is included as standard equipment in the G550 and is an option in the G500, G400 and G300. So far it has been installed in 25 airplanes, each equipped with a FLIR camera in the nose and computer processors that overlay the infrared image on a Honeywell 2020 HUD. EVS allows pilots to see through clouds, fog, smoke and precipitation to take off and land in lower-than-standard visibility. To date, FlightSafety has trained 125 Gulfstream pilots to fly with EVS. The FAA, meanwhile, has just proposed changes to the FARs to address EVS operations (see page 51).