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Aerial video link shows big picture

 - February 18, 2008, 11:39 AM

Airborne video surveillance can give first responders and law enforcement a clear idea of what needs to be done on the ground in an emergency. But the challenge is making sure the information reaches the right people–that’s where Microwave Radio Communications’ (Booth No. 1313) experience can make a big difference, according to the Massachusetts company.

MRC’s data transmitter equipment can share live images and video shot from helicopters with responders on the ground and vice versa, giving all members of an emergency response team as clear a picture as possible of exactly what’s happening. Here at Heli-Expo MRC is introducing two new products for first responders, the DRS2000-HS dual-diversity digital receiver and the TRC tactical diversity receiver case.

The DRS2000-HS digital receiver is specifically designed to operate in and around cities, minimizing multipath interference fade and picture signal loss. According to the company, the receiver effectively extends the range of airborne digital video downlinks by using omni directional antennas. The result, the company claimed, is better quality and longer range of the signal.

The TRC tactical diversity receiver case extends the range of most portable receivers without having to use costly and complex antennas that rely on GPS signals, the company said. It includes a 12-inch TFT LCD daylight-readable color monitor and a rechargeable battery. More information on both products is available at MRC’s booth.