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Standard Aero boosts R-R 250 support

 - February 24, 2008, 7:52 AM

Standard Aero (Booth No. 4621) is now offering a Rolls-Royce-approved repair procedure for the Model 250 Series II first-stage Mar-M nozzles and Series IV second-stage turbine nozzles. The company also announced a new modification for Roll-Royce 250 Series III and IV air/oil separator gears.

According to Standard Aero, the alternative repair for R-R 250 turbine nozzles uses a new OEM nozzle casting that replaces the worn or damaged path with an overhauled diaphragm. The repair is applicable to nozzles that have unserviceable outer bands or when the rework repair costs are expected to exceed the cost of the outer-band repair itself. Standard Aero’s Winnipeg, Manitoba facility will perform the new nozzle repair technique.

The oil/air separator gear modification is designed to satisfy engine modification CEB 72-3271, which was released by Roll-Royce last year and requires the replacement or rework of the gears to an improved configuration. Standard Aero said the modification entails applying molybdenum spray to the gear web, thereby converting it to the new configuration. The modification costs a “fraction” of the new-part replacement cost and is relatively quick, Standard Aero said, adding that it has done more than 160 of these modifications at its Manitoba facility.

Meanwhile, aeromedical transport firm Air Methods tapped Standard Aero to provide R-R 250 engine repair and support for its fleet of EMS helicopters. The contract is valued at $10 million to $15 million over a five-year period, with an option to extend the contract beyond this time frame.

In other news, Standard Aero signed an agreement yesterday to support Arriel 1 and 2 engines for Turbomeca Asia Pacific in the Asia Pacific region. This agreement expands a previous pact for level-3 support for the engines at Standard Aero’s Singapore facility.