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Sikorsky adds ‘wow factor’ to its Web site

 - February 25, 2008, 12:06 PM

Sikorsky unveiled its fully transformed Web site–www.sikorsky.com–to Heli-Expo’08 attendees yesterday. The revamped site uses a combination of video and Flash animation to bring Sikorsky’s aircraft to life. It also features an interactive helicopter tour.

“The Sikorsky Web site is increasingly the company’s ‘front door’ to a global audience and the first experience many people will have with the Sikorsky brand, giving users a consolidated view of our services and products,” said company vice president Stephen Estill. John Pacelli, v-p of marketing and proposal operations, added that the new site was designed to provide a sense of being “inside the Sikorsky environment.” The homepage gives visitors a feel of looking into a vast hangar with numerous aircraft at their disposal, Pacelli continued. “We want people to get a sense of the ‘wow factor’ that we feel in building the world’s finest aircraft.”

Navigation on the new site is dramatically improved to provide easier access to information. The homepage offers a near-tactile experience with a true sense of dimension and a feel of almost standing next to the aircraft. A Sikorsky test pilot elevates the personality of the company brand by greeting visitors on the homepage.