Rahilly Joins ServiceElements Training Team

 - July 30, 2008, 11:30 AM

John Rahilly, principal of Rahilly Aviation Associates and former president of maintenance and completions center K-C Aviation, has joined ServiceElements as a training facilitator and strategist. While retaining his own company, Rahilly will aid ServiceElements in helping clients improve the quality of their customer service. In his previous job as vice president of sales and marketing for Dassault Falcon’s service centers, Rahilly said he hired ServiceElements to provide advanced customer service training to the sales staff. Rahilly, who is an A&P mechanic, asserted that ServiceElements’ training programs are highly useful to business aviation service organizations. “Maintenance technicians, customer service personnel and line personnel have the responsibility of caring for aircraft that are worth millions of dollars and maintaining the trust of the owner, whether it be a company or individual,” he explained. “This degree of responsibility requires that service providers at all levels be in tune with the customers’ needs no matter how insignificant they may seem.”