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J.A. Air Center moves to new Chicago-area home

 - October 2, 2008, 4:48 AM

After 33 years at DuPage Airport in Chicago, FBO J.A. Air Center is in the midst of a move and major expansion that will bring the rejuvenated business to the fast-growing Chicagolands Aurora Municipal Airport on December 1.

Located just outside of Chicago’s Class B airspace, Aurora Municipal has tollway access to downtown Chicago. J.A. Air Center is spotlighting the new arrival option for Second City-bound business fliers at this week’s show.

In development for three years, the new facilities encompass a four-building campus and a 20,000-sq-ft arrival/departure canopy big enough to handle large-cabin business jets. The facility includes more than 90,000 sq ft of hangar space, 60,000 sq ft of office space and a separate VIP terminal. Amenities in the 11,000-sq-ft FBO terminal will include a coffee café, conference rooms, business center, online WSI weather, VIP lounge, sleep rooms, private showers, game room, multiple TV viewing areas and an exercise room. A 60,000-gallon fuel farm is under construction. Prime rental space will be available for corporate flight departments and other tenants.

The leadership that fuels the company’s growth remains in place. J.A. Air Center president Brad Zeman and piston/turbine manager Don Morgan have more than two decades with the company, while avionics service manager Dave Krant has been with J.A. for 32 years.

J.A. Air Center’s services include aircraft sales and acquisitions, charter, flight instruction, aircraft detailing, mail order avionics and consumer GPS sales. J.A. Air Center is also a Part 145 repair station offering aircraft maintenance and parts sales, instrument sales and service and award-winning avionics installation and service.