MEBAA Convention News

Nose-to-Tail Support Program Offered for CRJs

 - November 16, 2008, 7:04 AM

Recently launched Ejet Operating Services Group, based outside Dallas, Texas, is offering owners of Bombardier CRJ200s that are converted into business jets a long-term, nose-to-tail program that promises cost-per-flight-hour pricing on a level enjoyed by airlines. “Business jet owners pay two to four times as much as airlines do for the same maintenance. Individual owners cannot achieve pricing power on a one-off basis. By leveraging the more efficient airline infrastructure, we can provide owners with the global support and reliability airlines achieve at similar prices,” said Ejet president and CEO Steven Markoff.

While Ejet’s program is being offered directly to buyers of Tailwind Capital’s Hemisphere 200XR CJR200 conversions, it will also be available to owners of other VIP-converted CRJ200s as well as owners of Challenger 850s. Ejet officials may be found here at MEBA 2008 at the Tailwind Capital Chalet No. 19.