HAI Convention News

Dart adds 1,000 new helo accessories to its catalog

 - February 22, 2009, 8:14 AM

If the Dart Helicopter Services booth (No. 866) here seems more crammed than it did at previous Heli-Expos, chalk it up to success. The Piney Flats, Tenn.-based company reports it added some 1,000 new accessories to its product portfolio last year, increasing its offerings to more than 2,500 aftermarket helicopter accessories.  The company has 15 offices worldwide and distributes to customers in 120 countries. Dart’s 2009 product catalog is available at its booth.

The privately held sales and marketing company’s affiliated partner, Dart Aerospace, recently received Transport Canada approval for the Dart Spacepod and left-hand door hinge modification for the Eurocopter EC 130. FAA and EASA approvals are pending. The mod increases stowing capacity in a cabin side door by 5.5 cubic feet and 140 pounds. The installation itself weighs only 13 pounds. The hinge-modification makes the existing sliding door compatible with the Spacepod.

Meanwhile, Dart’s subsidiary partner, Apical Industries, announced that it has added the Cable Cutters Kit to its expanding product line. Apical has received FAA approval and EASA and Transport Canada approvals are pending. The product provides wire-strike protection for helicopters.