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Sikorsky honors L.A. County’s bravest

 - February 22, 2009, 4:59 PM

Sikorsky Aircraft recognized the Los Angeles County Fire Department on Sunday morning for its dedication to “saving lives and protecting the property of California residents” using a Sikorsky S-70A Firehawk. The fire department saved thousands of people from Southern California fires, in addition to 40 people who were airlifted away from the scene of the fatal Los Angeles-area train crash last September, according to deputy fire chief John Tripp. Sergei Sikorsky, left, the son of founder Igor Sikorsky, said his father’s dream had been to manufacture a helicopter that would be a “unique instrument for saving lives.” The L.A. County fire department, Sikorsky said, has brought that dream to life. Vice president of commercial programs Dave Powell said the helicopter manufacturer is proud to be a part of the department’s team and proud to be a part of its family.