Singapore Air Show

Turkish Airlines first in line for SmartTraffic

 - February 3, 2010, 2:13 AM

Turkish Airlines became the first customer to choose Honeywell’s SmartTraffic system. The contract calls for delivery and installation in 10 Airbus A330s through 2012.
Using ADS-B technology to provide pilots with more information on surrounding air traffic, SmartTraffic is the brand name for the airborne traffic situational awareness (ATSAW) system–a development contract for which Honeywell signed with Airbus at the last Singapore show, in 2008.

The company claims the new software also allows pilots to better plan for oceanic flight level changes to reduce fuel burn and, therefore, effect cost savings.
Honeywell estimates that the reduced fuel burn achieved through transoceanic flight routing using ATSAW and the SmartTraffic system can save more than $100,000 per aircraft per year.