NTSB Updates Most Wanted Safety List

 - February 18, 2010, 11:41 AM

The National Transportation Safety Board today held an annual review of its “most wanted” list of transportation safety improvements. Newly added to the aviation list was a call for better oversight of Part 121 pilot proficiency, to which the board assigned the status of “urgent or currently unacceptable response.” Highlighting the issue was the Colgan Air accident in Buffalo, N.Y., last year in which the carrier was unaware of previous check rides the captain had failed. Among the items still deemed “unacceptable” or “requiring urgent attention” was flight into known-icing and aviation fatigue, while a call for cockpit image recorders was downgraded from acceptable to unacceptable. The NTSB did note progress in the areas of runway safety and crew resource management, moving both from unacceptable to “slowly progressing.” The board applauded new rules mandating that all legs of EMS helicopter flights be conducted under Part 135, but it found unacceptable the FAA’s progress on adopting EMS flight and duty time rules, flight-risk evaluation protocols, formalized flight following and dispatch, and a TAWS mandate.