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HAI 2010 News Clips

 - February 20, 2010, 12:21 PM

Esterline CMC Electronics Shows Off Products
CMC’s flight management systems, in service with more than 60 airlines and military operators, include the CMA-9000, a family of compact FMS variants well-suited to digital cockpits, according to the Quebec City-based firm. The FMS applications are aboard a number of European-built helicopters operated by the Swiss army, Bavarian police and German army. In addition, the French Securite Civile and air force along with the Czech Republic’s air force use helicopters with CMC FMSes.

The company’s IntegriFlight Waas GPS family has been certified by the FAA and Transport Canada for stand-alone approach operations. CMC’s CMA-5025 control panel and CMA-5024 GPS receiver, an “air transport quality” Waas GPS receiver, are applicable across a range of aircraft, from helicopters and business jets to airliners, CMC noted.

These products along with the CMC PilotView electronic flight bag line and TacView portable mission display equipment are being featured at the Esterline CMC Electronics booth (No. 3001).

TrueNorth Points the Way, Inside and Out

TrueNorth Avionics of Ottawa, Canada, is at the Dallas Avionics booth (No. 2239) to demonstrate a network audio interface to let helicopter passengers and crew communicate via intercom through the aircraft’s audio panel. The interface, to first appear in the Sikorsky S-92, is an enhanced, multicabin version of a system currently available on Sikorsky S-76s. It has optional interfaces for cabin paging and HF communications.

The interface works with TrueNorth’s Simphone OpenCabin airborne telecommunications system to bring advanced voice and data management to the S-76 and S-92. TrueNorth also introduced an intercom handset for onboard communications on S-76 and S-92 helicopters not equipped with an airborne telecom system.

Bell Wins EASA Training Approval for 429
Bell Helicopter (Booth No. 628) announced here on Friday that its Bell Helicopter Training Academy has received EASA maintenance training approval for its latest product, the Bell 429 light twin. The academy, located at Fort Worth Alliance Airport in Texas, is approved to provide Part 66 B1.3 (maintenance) and B2 (combination of electrical maintenance and avionics/AFCS maintenance). Recent improvements in Bell’s maintenance training courses include the installation of electronic classrooms, upgrades to composite maintenance trainers and non-destructive inspection training.

Russians Pitching Coaxial Ka-32 for U.S.
Russian Helicopters JSC (Booth No. 4201) is pitching the EASA-certified version of the venerable Kamov Ka-32 coaxial helicopter, the Ka-32A11BC, for U.S. firefighting and heavy-lift missions. The Ka-32 has been employed as an aerial firefighter in Canada, Chile and Mexico. Company representatives will hold a briefing on the convention floor on Monday, February 22, from 1 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

HAI Teams with SoCal Edison and Aegis
Helicopter Association International, in cooperation with Southern California Edison (SCE) and Aegis Insurance Services, announced release of a new wire-strike, safety-awareness video. The 25-minute “Surviving the Wires Environment” can be viewed at no charge on the HAI home page, www.rotor.com. Other sites will also carry the video. Produced by HAI, SCE and Aegis, the video is meant to remind pilots of the hazards of low-level flying in what is known as the “wires environment.” According to the FAA, a collision involving aircraft and man-made obstacles on the ground occurs on average once every five days in the U.S., with 30 percent of those involving a fatality.

Sikorsky Pairs Up with Terma
Sikorsky (Booth No. 4536) and Terma have signed a memorandum of understanding to pitch the MH-60R Seahawk to the Danish government as a replacement maritime helicopter. The helicopter is built by Sikorsky and equipped with mission systems by Lockheed Martin. It is designed to perform anti-submarine, surface warfare, SAR, vertical replenishment, medical evacuation, communications and data relay. The U.S. Navy deployed a squadron of Seahawks with the USS John C. Stennis carrier strike group last year.