NBAA Convention News

Mammoth fans serve in all seasons

 - October 13, 2010, 8:16 AM

Big Ass Fans is here at NBAA (Booth No. 8061) displaying two of its most popular aviation application fans: the Powerfoil X Plus and the AirGo.

“The Powerfoil X Plus fans range in size from ten to twenty-four feet in diameter,” said a spokesperson for the Lexington, Ky.-based company.

The spokesperson explained that “using them in a hangar is a great application because the design of the winglets circulates air over and around the aircraft, providing two benefits:

• First, the fans will keep me­chanics comfortable during hot days, reducing the need for breaks and resulting in ­increased productivity.

• Second, they also significantly decrease condensation on aircraft returning from a flight by increasing air circulation around the entire aircraft, which reduces the amount of condensation collecting on the floor.

“In winter, when the hangar door opens and lets heat escape, the fan quickly circulates the warm air that collects at the top of the hangar and pushes it down. The result is a faster recovery,” the spokesperson said.

According to the company, another advantage is that the large, ceiling-mounted fan scares birds out of the hangar, which helps reduce droppings.

The AirGo is an eight-foot diameter portable fan that operates on an ordinary 110-VAC, 15-amp outlet. It weighs 450 pounds, is mounted on wheels, is easy to move and can be repositioned where necessary to focus airflow.

Unlike many large fans, the company said, at maximum speed the sound level is only 43.2 dBA, making it conducive to normal conversation. The AirGo is also OSHA compliant, with safety caging, and has variable speed control.