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EBACE 2011: Maz Aviation and Aerocon Solve an ACJ Owner’s Noise Problem

 - May 18, 2011, 9:01 AM

Saudi Arabian business aviation services group MAZ Aviation Consulting joined forces with Van Nuys, California’s Aerocon Engineering to successfully solve a cabin-noise problem in an Airbus ACJ. Apparently, an ACJ owner, after taking delivery of his aircraft from the completion center, flew it for just a year before stopping operations “due to the high cabin noise.”

MAZ and Aerocon have worked together for four weeks to solve the problem. They eventually managed to cut noise to an average 50 dB in the overall cabin, and even 46 dB in some areas, they said. As an added benefit, they also managed to reduce aircraft weight by 1,650 pounds.

The MAZ group is active in aircraft design and project management and currently handles around four programs each year. “The reason we went to Aerocon Engineering is that we wanted a company that has a unique approach to problem solving, can do the engineering work, produce the kit and also certifies the installation under an STC,” explained MAZ Aviation chairman Mohammed Alzeer.