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Mid Continent Launches New CMS

 - October 11, 2011, 12:30 AM
Mid Continent’s Pulse-nHD cabin management system and in-flight entertainment package positions a touch screen at each passenger location, so every passenger can control all cabin electronics–from lighting to temperature–from the seat.

Mid Continent Controls is taking advantage of the NBAA stage to introduce its new Pulse-nHD cabin management system and in-flight entertainment package that has all the goodies expected by a completion or refurbishment center, and more.

The Derby, Kans.-based company (Booth No. C10634) says the 100-percent digital system has an Ethernet backbone and is high-definition (HD), with 1080p HD distribution throughout the cabin. “We’re introducing it here and we expect to begin shipping units before the end of the year,” said director of sales and engineering Mike Freel.

Pulse-nHD, said Freel, supports high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI), high-definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI), component, composite and VGA inputs. This permits other electronic devices to be connected to source equipment adapters and thereby allows integration into the Mid Continent system. It allows up to 20 video sources to be streamed simultaneously throughout the cabin.

Pulse-nHD also has high-bandwidth digital control protection (HDCP), “a copy protection package to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data midstream between the source and the display,” explained Freel.

According to Freel, the system is market-positioned for new aircraft programs but can also be easily retrofitted for older aircraft. And it is also highly scalable and adaptable, he added, “from the smallest to the largest aircraft.” Among the features:

  • It supports USB storage devices through a wide range of auxiliary ports that permit passengers to use devices such as iPods and gaming consoles, as well as share with other passengers throughout the cabin.
  • A dual-disk Blu-ray player accommodates CDs and standard DVDs.
  • There is full digital audio distribution throughout the cabin to headphones and a Mid Continent high-power, multi-channel amplifier.
  • Every passenger location within the cabin can access all information located on the network via an individual touch-screen.
  • Touch-screen switch panels in various display sizes and individual touch-screen panels control all cabin electronics, from lighting and audio/video to cabin temperature.
  • The graphical user interface can be fully customized.

To increase reliability and ease of maintenance of Pulse-nHD, a diagnostics system recognizes all equipment connected to the network and provides diagnostic health monitoring, including component temperature, input voltage, output loads and fault indication. Diagnostics can be made remotely through an Internet connection. In addition, no fans are required for the low power-usage system components.

Mid Continent is using an iPad at its exhibit here to demonstrate the integration of carry-on electronic communication devices with Pulse-nHD.

In addition, Mid Continent is introducing a new line of monitors, starting with a 12.1-inch HD screen that serves dual use in a seat or in a bulkhead mount. At its booth, it is showing its 21.5-inch HD monitor, which it claims is the brightest in the industry at 1,200 nits (units of visible light intensity). Both monitors accept HDMI, HD-SDI, component, composite or VGA signal. Freel said the company is already at work to further expand the monitor line.

Mid Continent also is introducing a new line of in-seat power outlets, “smaller in size and lighter in weight” than existing versions.