HighTech Finishing Takes Plating Into Plastics

 - November 6, 2011, 5:42 AM
At the NBAA 2011 Convention, HighTech Finishing raffled off a pedal airplane example of its metal finishing expertise. (Photo: Kirby J. Harrison)

HighTech Finishing recently expanded its facility, adding 15 new tanks to allow the company to offering plating on plastic. “Many aviation manufacturers are employing new methods to decrease aircraft weight, and using plastic can be one of the options,” explained v-p of marketing Rick Niefield. “With these new plastic components comes a need for decorative plating that will provide the same look and durability as plating on metal components.”

There are a variety of plastic substrates that the Houston-based company can plate, but the most common is ABS thermoplastic, which requires an acid etching to create a stronger adhesion. HighTech has also enhanced its standard finishes with a micro-porous chrome. While visually similar to decorative chrome but on a molecular level, micro-porous chrome has tighter pores that provide greater corrosion resistance.

HighTech exhibited its wares at NBAA 2011 in Las Vegas, Nev.