Emteq Has the Power (for Aircraft Cabins)

 - November 9, 2011, 5:09 AM

Emteq recently introduced two new aircraft cabin power products. The IntelliOutlet simplifies installation without need for an external ground-fault interrupter box, relay and circuit breaker. The IntelliUSB is a convenient power charging port for portable electronic devices that use USB charging and has built-in circuitry for 28-volt DC power, eliminating the need for a converter.

Also new is the eConnect LRU (line-replaceable unit), a lightweight wireless router that works with a variety of satcoms and allows passengers to use their personal electronic devices to access the Internet, as well as to control lighting, cabin environment and entertainment systems.

The New Berlin, Wis.-based company has also expanded the scope of its cabin lighting and environmental control products. A flexible mood light uses the LED technology for full-spectrum, adjustable accent lighting. And flat-panel tile lighting with thin, back-lit lighting tiles can be placed behind many surfaces for even light distribution. Finally the new ELD32 high-intensity dome light is available with advanced dimming features.