DOJ Charges JetBlue Captain

 - March 29, 2012, 4:42 PM

Capt. Clayton Osbon, the pilot of JetBlue Flt. 191, has been charged with interference with a flight crewmember, according to the Department of Justice’s Sarah R. Saldaña, an attorney for the Northern District of Texas.

Osbon was locked out of the cockpit of his A320 by the first officer and an off-duty JetBlue captain after Osbon began acting erratically after takeoff from JFK on March 27. In the complaint, the first officer reported that Osborn began making incoherent statements about religion and a need to focus.  The captain also asked the first officer to both fly and work the radios, which is not standard operating procedure. After further statements by Osbon about “Things not mattering any more,” the first officer suggested asking an off-duty captain riding in the cabin to join them. As Osbon left the cockpit for the lavatory, the other pilot walked in and locked the door.

In the cabin, Osbon alarmed passengers with statements about bombs, Iran and the need for all to recite the Lord’s Prayer. He was quickly subdued by a number of off-duty police officers who happened to be traveling on board.