Windshear Eyed in ANA 767 Landing Damage in Tokyo

 - June 25, 2012, 4:45 PM

An All Nippon (ANA) Boeing 767 was substantially damaged, possibly after a windshear encounter, during a hard landing June 20 on runway 16 Right at Tokyo-Narita Airport (RJAA). The aircraft had just arrived from Beijing-Capital Airport (ZBAA) with 193 people on board. The entire touchdown and rollout was captured on video broadcast by Kyodo News.

A review of the video showed the Boeing touching down, right wing slightly low in what appeared to be a normal crosswind attitude. Just after the right main gear touched the runway however, the aircraft bounced back into the air and quickly touched down again, this time only on the nose gear. The aircraft bounced back into the air before finally settling a third time on the mains, then the nose gear. Close video examination of the aircraft at the gate revealed substantial wrinkling of the skin on both sides of the fuselage just in front of the leading edge of the wing.

Narita weather at the time of the incident reported a few clouds at 2,500 feet with cumulonimbus nearby, but with good visibility. Windshear had been previously reported. The hourly observation called the winds 220 degrees at 14 knots, gusting to 27 knots.


typo in title?

Unfortunately, yes, it was a typo. Headline is correct now. Thanks for the head’s up.

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