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Airbus offers EFB iPad “solution”

 - July 10, 2012, 5:25 PM

Fifteen years after provision of the first electronic flight bags (EFBs), airlines will soon be able to download the first Airbus aircraft performance-calculating applications for pilots to use with their iPads. Part of the “FlySmart with Airbus” range, the applications will offer an alternative to PC-operating system EFBs, claims the manufacturer.

Pilots will be able to carry out aircraft performance calculations and consult Airbus operations manuals. “By combining EFB content with the iPad, pilots [can] optimize performance while saving cost, weight, and time,” said Airbus customer services executive vice-president Didier Lux. The manufacturer will introduce the equipment for standard use by its flight-test and training department and licenses for the applications will be available to Airbus customers.